Unable to attach files in Outlook.com

If you cannot add attachments or add images to your Outlook.com email, check these tips.

  • If you reply to a message that has an attachment, the attachment won’t be included in the reply. If you need to keep original attachments, Forward the email instead.

  • You can only attach files to calendar events that you or a delegate created.

  • The size limit for an email in Outlook.com is 29 MB. This includes all text, inserted and attached files. Resizing an image doesn't reduce its file size. To reduce the size of an image or attachment, try compressing it or attach the file as a OneDrive link.

  • Links to files from OneDrive do not count towards the email size limit, but the linked file size limit is 2GB.

  • You can also use Copy link of a OneDrive attachment and paste it elsewhere.

  • If you can add attachments or insert images, but the email won't send, read how to fix Outlook.com email sync issues.

What are 1drv.ms links?

Links that begin 1drv.ms are the automatically shortened links of OneDrive attachments. The link will look something like this: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AvZ0FQcTSoiwZnHY87wTEcrzND8

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